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Services Overview

SERCOM's team of expert engineers and technicians can manage all of your company's equipment service needs, including proactive maintenance, refurbishment of old or out-dated systems, and emergency repair.

Proactive Maintenance
Proactive maintenance consists of two scheduled components: (1) preventive maintenance, in which parts and systems are routinely serviced to ensure optimal functioning, and (2) predictive maintenance, which includes routine callibrations and programmed replacement of specific parts. Rather than simply troubleshooting and fixing systems as they break, SERCOM advocates a proactive approach to equipment maintenance. The main advantage of this strategy is that it represents an effective means of cost containment for our clients. Adopting a proactive regimen will :

  • Extend the life of your equipment
  • Minimize problems and expenses associated with unanticipated down-time
  • Maximize productivity of your company's systems
  • Provide data that can be used in assessing whether the reliability and performance expectations of newly acquired equipment are being met

Refurbishment of Equipment
Unfortunately, even with the most rigorous and diligent service protocols, equipment may eventually wear out or become technologically obsolete with time. Before replacing a particular system, however, you may want to consider having it refurbished. Depending on the age and type of system in question, our service team may be able to bring it up to current standards by replacing and/or rebuilding certain integral components. On average, the cost of refurbishing a piece of equipment is 45% to 65% less than buying new. In the even that your company-owned equipment cannot be reconditioned, you can still enjoy considerable savings by purchasing from SERCOM's own extensive inventory of remanufactured equipment. Any piece of equipment refurbished by SERCOM's engineers and technicians is backed by a solid "like-new" warranty and service contract.

Emergency Repair
When unanticipated breakdowns or malfunctions do occur, you can count on SERCOM to be there for you. We know how costly and disruptive the ramifications of equipment failure can be. That's why emergency orders are given priority status and are responded to within four hours or less. You can be confident that our expert engineers and technicians will have you up and running again with minimal delay.